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Every stitch, a story...

Our Story

“When I made my first leather bag at age 13, I’d never have dreamed that one day I would be standing where I am today, at the helm of Beorma, a company born from a lifelong passion for leather…”

Founder’s Story

Words by Alex Simpson, Beorma Founder

I’m Alex and I am the founder of Beorma. In May 2022, I returned home from my 9th trip to the Middle East, excited but wildly unprepared for the imminent arrival of our first child, Jake. After a 15-year career in bomb disposal, working in some of the most incredible places and with the most outstanding people around the world, this was like stepping off a cliff while blindfolded. The years spent overseas were filled with challenges and moments that tested every fibre of my being, but none of this had prepared me for the year ahead.

While I loved my career in Her Majesty’s Armed Forces, I had always held a deep-rooted desire and passion for working with leather. I spent most of my free time drawing up patterns and dreaming of a peaceful life back home in England, creating unique bags and leather goods that would last for generations. Within 2 weeks of stepping off the plane and a firm deadline of Jake’s arrival looming, I had put together a small workshop and got to work.”

Fast forward just three short months, it was during a very late sleepless night rocking our little guy to sleep that I read about the upcoming closure of a 4 generation old company in the heart of Walsall, England. Walsall is a town steeped in a rich history of leatherwork and has been the epicentre of this craft in the UK since the 16th century. As a child, I had visited the leather museum here and was fascinated by the tools and talent on display. However, as the local economy faced unprecedented challenges, many cherished factories were forced to shut their doors, leaving a void in our proud tradition.

The idea filled me with more sadness than I would ever have anticipated and it was at this point that the seed of Beorma was planted. I decided to take the leap to create something bigger than I had ever imagined.  It was in the face of this adversity that I made a choice, I couldn’t let the incredible talent of these wonderful artisans be dispersed and potentially lost forever.

Beorma is not just a company; it is a testament to resilience, a celebration of heritage, and a dedication to the artisans who breathe life into leather. We’ve embarked on a journey to keep the legacy of Walsall’s leather craft alive, and we’re here to share our passion, our craftsmanship, and our commitment to those values with you.

“Welcome to Beorma, where every piece we create is a story waiting to be told, an embodiment of generations of dedication and love for the art of leather.”

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Belt Sizes

Did you know? For men, your actual waist size can be anything up to 4 inches larger than the trouser size you buy.

For the best fit, we recommend you measure your waist through your trouser loops or measure an old belt from the turn of the buckle to the hole you currently use, and then order a belt to fit that size.

Waist Measurement
Waist Measurement

Our belts are sized on order, as such please allow 5 working days for delivery. If you have any questions about the size please contact us before purchasing.

Larger and smaller sizes can be arranged – please contact us at [email protected] to arrange.

The belt dimensions value on each product indicates the inner diameter of the buckle. Since our belts are plaited by hand one by one, some individual differences may occur during production, this is due to the individual tension applied. The actual belt width and belt length may differ from the specified dimensio