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Every stitch, a story...

Our Leather

At Beorma Leather Company, we pride ourselves on crafting exceptional leather goods using only the finest materials sourced from the best tanneries around the world. Our commitment to quality and sustainability is at the core of everything we do.

We believe in working with tanneries that share our values, prioritising ethical practices and environmental responsibility. We carefully select our leathers, ensuring they meet the highest standards of quality and durability, while also minimising our impact on the planet.

Our range of exquisite leathers are sourced from tanneries renowned for their craftsmanship and commitment to sustainability. Our full grain vegetable-tanned leathers age beautifully over time to and are produced through environmentally friendly processes, we prioritise materials that not only look and feel exceptional but will last a lifetime.

By choosing Beorma Leather Company, you can trust that every product we create is made with the utmost care and consideration for both quality and sustainability. Join us on our journey to support the finest tanneries and make a positive impact on the world, one meticulously handcrafted leather good at a time.

The Vintage Bridle Leather Collection

Our vintage leather is produced by J&F J Baker who have been traditionally tanning leather using oak bark since 1862. This tannery is one of the oldest in England and dates back to Roman times. With generations of knowledge and experience, they have perfected the process to produce beautiful, hardwearing and unique leather with superior tensile strength.

Vintage leather is made using all natural, locally, and sustainably sourced materials. The hides come from free-range beef cattle raised in Devon, England. Each hide is tanned for over a year using oak bark taken from sustainably coppiced UK trees. This year-long process makes the leather stronger and more durable than other vegetable tanned products.

After staining, the leather receives a final covering of specially blended dubbin, which has been mastered to enhance the leather’s intended use, giving it better durability, water resistance, and an exquisite level finish. All of this is done by hand to ensure thorough and even coverage, the result is a long-lasting, beautiful and strong material.

The Classic Bridal Leather Collection

English Bridle leather is a premium leather renowned for its quality, value, and durability. Originally intended for use on a horse’s headpiece and reins, it had to be both comfortable on the animal’s skin and strong enough for the rider’s safety.

Today, English Bridle is produced from vegetable-tanned leather, utilising only natural products, and the process is carried out by skilled professionals in the heart of England. Once the hides are inspected and the dye mix is applied, the leather is hand-greased with natural tallows and oils to provide a polished shine.

The white coating on the surface, known as the ‘bloom’, is a true characteristic of superior quality English Bridle Leather. Whilst it is still commonly used in the equestrian industry, we use it at Beorma to create the most beautiful small leather goods and belts, making it a versatile and timeless choice for our collections.

The Vegetable Tanned Leather Collection

Our Vegetable Tanned range offers an authentic, high-quality, full grain vegetable-tanned leather that reflects the traditions and character of the tanneries where it is produced. This range has a distinctively aromatic fragrance with each piece having its own unique shades and striking characteristics that will patina over time, which is a mark of the quality and history in each product.

When this leather patinas it begins to tell a story all of its own. The process of vegetable tanning uses organic material and natural tannins derived from barks, leaves and branches of trees and plants. After tanning, every hide is carefully coloured in a barrel and dyed through, resulting in a natural appearance that highlights the true characteristics of the hide which will darken and shine to a stunning hue with use.

Our waxed range is specifically tanned with oils and animal fats, polished with an amber stone, and finally infused with wax for a unique pull-up effect that gives an inner glow when used.

Leather Swatches

Bridle Black
Bridle Navy
Bridle Brown
Vintage Olive
Vintage Conker
Vintage Natural
Badalassi Wax Cognac
Badalassi Wax Olmo
Badalassi Wax Tobacco
Badalassi Nofin Castagno
Badalassi Nofin Nero
Badalassi Nofin Olmo
Red Rum Black
Red Rum Tan

View our leather colour disclaimer here.

Please Note:

While every care is taken to use current exchange rates, please note that prices in currencies other than British Pounds are for guidance only. The final value of your order will be taken in GBP. Your bank will convert the payment using their own exchange rate and may also levy a transaction fee.

Belt Sizes

Did you know? For men, your actual waist size can be anything up to 4 inches larger than the trouser size you buy.

For the best fit, we recommend you measure your waist through your trouser loops or measure an old belt from the turn of the buckle to the hole you currently use, and then order a belt to fit that size.

Waist Measurement
Waist Measurement

Our belts are sized on order, as such please allow 5 working days for delivery. If you have any questions about the size please contact us before purchasing.

Larger and smaller sizes can be arranged – please contact us at [email protected] to arrange.

The belt dimensions value on each product indicates the inner diameter of the buckle. Since our belts are plaited by hand one by one, some individual differences may occur during production, this is due to the individual tension applied. The actual belt width and belt length may differ from the specified dimensio